Link Popularity

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In recent years the concept of link popularity has become extremely important for positioning on search engines.

If in the beginning a search engine capable of attributing a higher ranking to those sites in which he repeated several times the searched keyword from ‘user, now things seem to change significantly.

This leads to the concept of link popularity: today a search engine attaches to a site capable of ranking high or low on the basis of ‘popularity index shows that the site had on the Net. L’ popularity index a site is determined by the number of links pointing in the direction of the site.

Link popularity

The links pointing towards a website can be both internal and external. This means that also all ‘inside of a site is created a kind of hierarchy according to which some pages are more important than the other.
Google has created a quick and easy to use to determine the ‘importance, or if you want the “popularity” of every single web page present in its database.

This system is called PageRank.

PageRank PageRank
PageRank is the numeric value assigned by Google to all the web pages that are indexed by ‘action of its spider. PageRank, which ranges from 0 to 10 and you can see from the Google Toolbar, does not take into account only the Link Popularity. In addition to the number of links pointing in the direction of the page in question, Google also takes into account the degree of PageRank assigned to web pages from which the link towards the page that you’re considering. In addition to the quantity, then, Google looks to the quality: a web page to get a high PR, it must point to the popularity that all ‘authority!

You can know what and how many links point in the direction of our site. You must put in the “Search” Google link:
You should do the same with the other search (MSN and Yahoo, for example). There is any difficulty: Google seems to conceal part of the link, while other engines offer the complete list. Unfortunately, however, not been able yet to understand the reason that drives Google to behave in this way.

Another important thing to do is to periodically check the number of pages of your site that have been identified by the search engine. To do that you have to follow a procedure similar to that described for the links. Place in the “Search” Google site: In this way you will know exactly how many and which pages of your site have already been unearthed by the spider Searcher. In this case, Google shows us the actual number of pages in its database.

Following a good ranking

Secrets Within.

So…some people know this and some don’t.  Here it is.

YouTube.  Videos.

It’s amazing how easy it is to “rank” YouTube.  Now I say “rank” because there really isn’t much to it.

If you just be yourself and unique, you’ll find that your video will make it.  Be genuine and people will watch.  There are a gazillion people out there.  It’s nearly impossible not to get one or two views right after posing a video.

It’s kind of like Mitosis.  Remember that from grade school?

You know…one cell duplicates and turns into two?  Kind of alien…but it’s happening right now in your body.

So…it goes like this:

1. You make a video

2. You post the video

3. Someone Watches the video

4. Someone who watches them, watches what they watched

5. Someone who watches the watcher, watches what the watcher just watched.

6. Before you know it…you tube views go up and you are sitting there thinking….huh?  Who knew people would watch that.  Never underestimate the power of vision.

Humans thrive for a visual experience.  Think about it.  TV relies on it.  To a certain (and very real extent), Men and women rely on it.

The harsh realty is that we judge by covers.  We look for hot. We look for attraction.  That’s why sex sells so well.

No I’m not saying you have to go out and put your skivvies on and show someone your SEO skills to make a living (although it honestly might not hurt…think of all the millionaires that have money to spend…).  But I am saying you should consider ways to get a visual presence on the web.

Think about it.  What are some of the new trends out there?   Animations that bounce around.  Patterns.  All of these things are visual.

Movement is programmed in our body as a way to get attention.  We pay attention to it.  WE run from it if it’s dangerous or we “float” towards it if it drives a curiosity within us.

We are, after all, animals.  Just like anything else, we migrate towards that which attracts us.

So…my advice for today?  YouTube. Video. Animation if you have to.

Stand out.

Don’t copy.

Be yourself.

The universe will thank you.

(Plus…if there are aliens out there…the might have fun watching you)


Forgive the quick post!  I’ll fix it soon but it still has some value if you can muddle through the craziness!



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Google Adwords is a Campaign Keyword Advertising, the advertising tool most used by those who wish to sell products or services through a website. Google Adwords campaigns using different types of advertisement: • Text Ads • Image Ads • Animated Ads • Video Ads • Ads for local businesses • Mobile ads Text Ads A text ad on Google can occupy a maximum of four lines: a title (max 25 characters), two for the text (70 characters max) and one for the display URL (maximum 35 characters). Display URL and destination URL: the first indicates the URL that appears in the last line of the ad; the second indicates the URL is the address of the page of the landing. It is essential that the display URL reflect a “clean and simple” the destination URL. Ad Content: to be effective content must be true and short. Using a limited number of words must indicate the distinctive features of their company. Editorial Guidelines and Content Policy: You should read carefully the editorial guidelines and content provided by Google Adwords. Failure to comply with any of these rules may affect the presence of your ad on the Google Network. Different types of follow Adwords Campaigns

Getting People to Work for You

The interesting thing about online marketing is that there seems to be a plethora of others who are willing to help you.

From the newbie who knows nothing to the expert who has been doing it for years, you can literally meet anyone and everyone on the internet.   It’s a whole other world out there!

Some words of advice when learning online marketing:

1. Go ahead and trust people.  A lot of marketing is about networking and online is one of the best places to do it.  I have found some pretty awesome people out there.  The ones who aren’t awesome eventually drop to the wayside.

2. Be cautious.  You will find that, although there are people who will try to take advantage of you, they still might have something to show you, teach you or give you an idea that helps you launch your business further.

For example, this website attracts people.   Now I could get a big head and think that it is because I am totally awesome and people really want to know what I say OR I could be cautious.  Being cautious isn’t about being paranoid, it’s about being observant.

So how do people take advantage of you online?  (you ask)

They try to use your connections and links. One of the easiest ways for people to do this is to do what some of you likely reading this will attempt to do.  People try to post blog comments about how awesome you are or how entertaining the post was.  When you are writing a post about making tuna casserole that your mother made you when you were 12 and you KNOW that there is no way anyone would think it’s funny.  … know something’s up.

Some marketers are relentless.

Hey!  I like to eat cardboard. (you)

Oh my gosh!  I was just eating cardboard and I came across your post.  It is the most awesome post since ….uhm….sliced bread!  Speaking of sliced bread, check out my sliced bread website!    (them)

It’s very interesting too because some people have ways of hiding their “spam” within their words.

My advice? Turn off the comments OR moderate them at the very least.

You will thank me for it and have some very interesting stories to write about….kind of like this blog post if you are spanktastic like that.

3.  Encouragement.  I think my favorite type of marketer is the newbie or the successful veteran.  I can’t decide because both are so valuable in my eyes.

The newbie has endless amounts of energy and wants to eat whatever words you are puking out of your mouth.  Often times, they might even work for free.  They do anything for you so you will be their buddy.

I don’t mind being people’s buddy so I really like newbies.  I was and am one of those ecstatic type.  So naturally, loving me,  I like those who are similar.

The successful veteran.  This guy or gal is also very beneficial in my world.

They seldom show up but then they do, it’s something like: “Hey, I just wanted to share my success with you, I made 5 million yesterday. Don’t give up.”

Who wouldn’t be motivated by that?  A psycho.

So there you have it.  A little peek inside the marketing world and a quirky perspective on a blog that I know some people will just absolutely love the heck out of and then mention something about their awesome website.

Thank goodness for comment moderation!  :)