Seo? What about articles?

So what about those rewritten articles?  We are trying out the rewrites today!  Do they work?  Only time will tell.  If it does, I’m going to give you guys all my rewrite connections!

Spending time on content is consuming.  Does rewrite work?  Let’s find out! If it does we’ll all be riding in limos across the country!

Online search engine Positioning via Search Engine Optimization Solutions no fluke

Cost effective Search Engine Optimization solutions do not always suggest reduced high quality of solution. Instead, it truly takes some major initiative to prevent your Search Engine Optimization solutions set you back reduced and then at the exact same time to offer the wanted high quality of solution referred by your customers. Simply high Browse engine positioning is not the downright option yet the Search Engine Optimization professionals need to make sure that they are optimizing their clientels’ internet sites for ideal collection of keyword expressions.
Any kind of standard Search Engine Optimization strategy depends on the following elements:
� The complete variety of websites within the internet site which is to be maximized.
� The complete variety of keyword expressions that will certainly be targeted.
� The competitors within the market to which the web site concerns.
� The number and then high quality of connect to be attained from various online search engine and also various other resources.
In order to provide cost effective Search Engine Optimization strategies, the Search Engine Optimization service providers requires to very carefully take up different factors coming under search engine optimization as well as attempt to cover up all the facets of Search Engine Optimization. There are additionally some usual actions that have to be complied with under each Search Engine Optimization strategies:
1. Main Internet site Evaluation Guide: This is one of the most widespread attribute of any kind of cost effective Search Engine Optimization solutions and also cannot be disregarded whatsoever as it develops the base for remainder of the Search Engine Optimization solutions.
2. Keyword Evaluation: Also an economical Search Engine Optimization solution package deal ought to consist of this task as it supplies the appropriate collection of key words which would certainly be on target for the whole on web page and then off web page Search Engine Optimization tasks.
3. Sector as well as Competitors Evaluation: As the competitors different from one market to the various other so the keyword phrases have to be picked thoroughly as incorrect choice of keyword phrases could endanger the whole Search Engine Optimization procedure.
Search Engine Optimization Assessment: Any sort of budget-friendly Search Engine Optimization strategy exactly how affordable it could be require to adhere to the above 3 actions. The level of research for each of the above tasks could differ from one Search Engine Optimization strategy to various other.
5. On-page Optimization Activities: Any type of budget friendly Search Engine Optimization package deals could refrain away without On-page tasks. The variety of websites that would certainly be enhanced depends on the sort of Search Engine Optimization strategy decided on by the customer.
6.Off-page Optimization Tasks: The quantity of off-page Search Engine Optimization tasks have to additionally depend on the moment to be exempted under the Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Economical Search Engine Optimization solutions do not always suggest reduced top quality of solution. Simply high Look engine positioning is not the outright remedy yet the Search Engine Optimization professionals must make certain that they are optimizing their customers’ sites for best collection of keyword expressions. Search Engine Optimization Appointment: Any type of budget-friendly Search Engine Optimization strategy just how cost-effective it might be require to comply with the above 3 actions. The degree of research for each of the above tasks could differ from one Search Engine Optimization strategy to various other. On-page Optimization Activities: Any sort of economical Search Engine Optimization plans could not do away without On-page tasks.


So, is it beneficial to put yourself, your friends and everyone else you know inside of a google circle?

Do google circles hold any weight?

The answer is a yes and a not…and a I’m not sure maybe!

You see, if people are in your circle and you share something like a YouTube video (which google loves by the way), then you might find more traffic coming to the site you advertise.

BUT….(and it’s a big but…like mine right after I had a kid) it really depends on your circle.  If you have 1 person in your circle…well..then you’re not going to get a lot of traffic from that post.

However…thousands and maybe even a million in a google circle?  Then it might be very reasonable to expect a lot more traffic creeping up on your site.  IMagine if they share…and then it’s shared again after that?

A ripple effect?

Isn’t that how things work in this world?  If I want to boost one of my friend’s auto body’s sites ( then I share it, just like I just did right there.  You can beg for shares, you can share in a google circle. doesn’t matter how you share.  You just have to get your name out there.  Getting your name out in the written word is perhaps one of the most important aspects of today’s internet marketing world.

So..back to the question….does linking to google circles and focusing your time on adding people to your circle beneficial?

The answer has to be maybe. Google rewards people who use their stuff.  It’s like taking an investment out on their Google economy (which can be very lucrative).

You have to do it diligently and you have to ask yourself if you are willing to use all of your time finding ways to get more followers over spending time building quality websites.

I believe a little bit of both is good.  I truly believe if I put out a good website and I believe in what I’m sending out there, then the universe will thank me and send me back some views…and those views start a little ripple that eventually will grow larger and larger and I naturally gain followers.

I don’t gain followers because I’m desperate or that it is my intention to have people pay attention to me.  That’s not my goal.

I get followers because I take the time to provide something useful and genuine.

I set it all out on a plate and I don’t let anything darken or cover the immaculate light that I’ve been given with the ability to type and reach people through words.


So..Google?  Yes…it’s good to me. ..but I am good back and there in lies the secret to success.  Karma will be good.