Seo Guida is all about earning extra income and money-getting using SEO and other techniques.

It’s exciting and I’m partial the science nerdy part of it.

So…Here’s how I got here:

– Learned how to use email in 1996

-Bahelors in 2000

– Got a cell phone sometime in 2003 or 2004 (can’t remember but it was late)

-Master’s in 2005

-Discovered digital photography in 2009

-Got really good with online stuff in 2009

-Wasn’t making any money even with my Master’s degree and my online knowledge

-Got attacked at work. Injustice prevailed. Go pissed at working for morons.

-Took some time off to think about it.

-Got hooked on SEO.

-Started making money with the right online mentors.

-Making money and finding my way.

So…what has changed me the most and has advanced me from mediocre to meteorite spanktastical?

The right online marketing coaching and the right mentors.

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