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In recent years the concept of link popularity has become extremely important for positioning on search engines.

If in the beginning a search engine capable of attributing a higher ranking to those sites in which he repeated several times the searched keyword from ‘user, now things seem to change significantly.

This leads to the concept of link popularity: today a search engine attaches to a site capable of ranking high or low on the basis of ‘popularity index shows that the site had on the Net. L’ popularity index a site is determined by the number of links pointing in the direction of the site.

Link popularity

The links pointing towards a website can be both internal and external. This means that also all ‘inside of a site is created a kind of hierarchy according to which some pages are more important than the other.
Google has created a quick and easy to use to determine the ‘importance, or if you want the “popularity” of every single web page present in its database.

This system is called PageRank.

PageRank PageRank
PageRank is the numeric value assigned by Google to all the web pages that are indexed by ‘action of its spider. PageRank, which ranges from 0 to 10 and you can see from the Google Toolbar, does not take into account only the Link Popularity. In addition to the number of links pointing in the direction of the page in question, Google also takes into account the degree of PageRank assigned to web pages from which the link towards the page that you’re considering. In addition to the quantity, then, Google looks to the quality: a web page to get a high PR, it must point to the popularity that all ‘authority!

You can know what and how many links point in the direction of our site. You must put in the “Search” Google link:
You should do the same with the other search (MSN and Yahoo, for example). There is any difficulty: Google seems to conceal part of the link, while other engines offer the complete list. Unfortunately, however, not been able yet to understand the reason that drives Google to behave in this way.

Another important thing to do is to periodically check the number of pages of your site that have been identified by the search engine. To do that you have to follow a procedure similar to that described for the links. Place in the “Search” Google site: In this way you will know exactly how many and which pages of your site have already been unearthed by the spider Searcher. In this case, Google shows us the actual number of pages in its database.

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