MLM losses and Why People Give up on MLMs and SEO

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I’m sure you’re here because you tried it. Or maybe you’re in the midst of trying it and thinking about the debt you just got yourself into.

MLM success is hard.

Anyone who tells you different is wrong.

But let’s take a look at the word “hard”. Maybe it’s not so hard. …..maybe it just takes time?

Here’s the thing, MLM is like a sport….a game at a black jack table maybe too.

You put down a lot of money and you expect to get thousands back.

Then eventually you downgrade and you accept that if you can just get your investment back from what you put into the mlm, then maybe you’ll be ok with the months of time you put into the mlm in the first place.

Wait, let’s stop.

You don’t know what a mlm is?

Mlm is short for Multi-level marketing. There is no one way to approach mlm and most people in the world think it is a scam.

The truth is that a lot o mlms are not scams but they are not easy and they require time, commitment and work.

The same holds true for affiliate marketing.

BUT…if you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money doing either one. …and it’s that promise of a lot of money that hooks people on mlm.

Me, for instance.

I was in a position in my life where I had a successful career but the job became to dangerous for me physically and emotionally and the support I needed in order to continue my career at my job was non existant.

I desparately worked hours on end again and again. Literally falling asleep with my computer completely attached to my hip.

My mother told me I was in a scam.

My social life…..lost….but I didn’t really have one after my career became unsafe anyways. I had taken time off and tried to grasp back onto the reality that the world I worked was no longer a safe place.

Hours and Hours working on affiliate blogs and what not and yet 7 months into it, I had earned some money but was over 20grand in debt that I had never had before.

I maxed out my credit cards for the first time ever in my life. My immaculate credit was slowly falling but I didn’t care.

I was willing to do Anything to get out of my job.


So there I was praying at my bedside with my daughter asking me what I was doing and I just said: “I’m trying to figure out how to take care of us baby”

You see my mother comes from the “old school” where you shouldn’t have to like your job and you should just be grateful to even have a job in the first place.

I get it.

I understand, but I refused to believe that her ideals were my destiny.

I pushed forward.

In one week, I brought in over $3000 in just 3 days.   It was awesome.  I was on a high.

I convinced myself I could do this.  I could get out there on my own and survive.

Then the demons came.

Not getting another sale in for another 14 days, I began to question my efforts.

Time was cutting short.

I was either going to have to take a loan to continue my mlm adventure or find a way to make money faster than what I was.

My life was consumed by mlm.

Keywords, tracking, emails, phone calls.

The world moved around me and I kept plugging away.

On and on I went.

I even went into a coaching program that cost over 15grand….the catch for me?

The one person who was in the program was banking over 17grand in one month.

So there I stood.

Waiting…working. Praying. Hoping

Do mlms work?

Sure they do.

But they take work and you have to be prepared to deal with the moments when you are ready to give up.

You can have the best coaches on Earth but if you don’t’ see the money in the progress that hasn’t paid yet, mlm is not for you.

The same exact thing goes for SEO on your website.

If you pay someone to help get your website seen, (which I’m very good at), then you are not willing to watch it slowly make it’s way to the front page and possibly top of Google or whichever search engine is your target, then you probably should not pay for the service and just stay in the dark ages.

I had a client that was ranking in a large city and dominating their local cities already from my seo help.

Not even 2 months in, they quite.   They lost value in it and just lost confidence in their own possibility of being successful in their field.

The crazy thing was that they had just received a lead for their business that day and those leads?  They paid well over 2 grand which was more than what I charged to get them going online.

I tried to convince them that they just needed to stick to it and even offered my services free so that at least I could see it through.

I was excited bout ranking them at the top of a huge city….but pulled the plug they did.

Afraid of growth, commitment.  Whatever you want to call it.


It was likely my fault.   I blame myself.  Perhaps I should have given them daily updates, but I was so busy getting things done on the back end that daily updates seemed fruitless in my efforts to rank them (which was happening).

Then there was the micromanagement.

I got into SEO for businesses so that I didn’t have to work for anyone else.

Little did I know that there are some clients out there who kind of stalk you as you work.

Checking typos, complaining about keywords (that they didn’t understand even after it was explained) and comparing their site to others.

I learned quickly that the absolute worst type of SEO, for me anyways, was to help someone else’s site because for some reason some businesses owners have a strange affinity and love affair with the websites they struggled to build.

The one I was optimizing was ugly brown, the color of poop and had different types of text formats all over the place.

When I tried to simply it and make it more visually pleasing (I actually have a degree in visual arts), they almost had a heart attack.

So back to ugly we went and I was driving good traffic to an ugly site.

I actually had hoped they would quite and they did.

So when I say it was probably my fault….it was.

My heart wasn’t in it to drive people to an ugly website that refused to grow and develop.  It didn’t make sense to me and I knew it wouldn’t make sense to the traffic I was driving to it….so released from my duties I was and I couldn’t be happier.

But then, the doubts came in.

If I was so good at ranking, why wasn’t I making more money?

Well…in mlms, that’s an easy answer.

People “sponsor shop” and you better have something unbelievable to offer if you want people to join under you in a mlm company.

One of the best ways to get people to believe in you?

Believe in yourself and rank yourself in the position where you are above anyone that would be upline of you in an mlm company.

Therein lies the challenge.

A lot of new MLM people don’t know how to do this, nor do they have the patience that it takes and the work ethic involved to make it to that point.

So what does it come down to with joining a mlm company?

Well, if you’re not willing to wait….AND work knowing that your work will eventually pay off….you will quit.

You have to know that going into online marketing, it may or may not take a long time to get things rolling.

You don’t build a million dollar business overnight and if you ask any millionaire they will tell you the exact same thing.

You have to think big and act big and yes…big will follow….EVENTUALLY.

WHY do so many people fail at mlm?

This is the best question of the decade for any mlm person or anyone thinking of joining a mlm and is wel worth the time that I’m putting into it as my little one climbs the kitchen table.

Uh OH….I better go get her.


She is safe.

So back to network marketing, mlm, or internet network marketing or direct sales…they all come in about the same package with similar challenges.

So …two different opinions here:

1. Network Marketing and MLM works.

2. Network Marketing is a scam and mlms are from the devil.

It’s the ying and yang of the internet network marketing world and that’s just how it’s going to be.

The people who believe in network marketing believe it to be the fastest and most efficient way to get out there and make money with any product. (I personally can see how this happens…it’s like a domino effect)

You see, you can have the longest domino line on Earth and it will take forever to build it.  You use different colors and go all sorts of different ways, but you stay consistent and you keep going, knowing that there will be a “launch” trusting that the launch will do something big.

It’s the domino effect and there’s a reason that not everyone is into dominos.

Some people just don’t have the patience.

Some people don’t have the work ethic.

Many people lack both the work ethic it takes and the patience.

The people who don’t believe in mlm, usually shout “MLM SCAMS!!!”

And they talk about pyramid schemes and all sorts of atrocities that mlm companies can create for people and they are sort of right.

You see, you can’t join a mlm without consenting to it.

Just like you don’t get forced to smoke and you aren’t forced to gamble.

All of those things can be rewarding or they can consume you and never pay you back.

The odds may be against you or they may be for you, depending on how you build the odds in your favor and how long you wait to see them come to fruition.

Multi Level Marketing does work.

There are misconceptions out there that need clearing up and they will take some time to do.

You ever hear these old adages?

“You don’t build an empire overnight”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

There are others  that actually have slipped my mind….but all have to do with having the patience to wait it out and the belief that something larger awaits.

(I could put a plug in here about how people believe in heaven and spend hours and days and weeks of their lives working for it.  ..and it’s something they don’t see but simply believe in a continue to work for in a blind sense…and that is totally fine.  But I wonder why people don’t put the same faith in the gifts they’ve been given to succeed in this life too)

Did you know that Tupperware and Avon are mlms?

People are just programmed to believe that success is not possible in something like  MLM and it is so said.

For some reason, people resist the positive energy flow, encouragement and “cult like mentality” that mlms may build.

Let me ask you something.

If you had a chance to be a part of successful entrepreneurs who were making large amounts of money and changing people’s lives, and they encouraged one another on a daily basis will grinding away at their businesses, would you want to be a part of that?

Wouldn’t you want to tell the world about how happy you were doing what you were doing?

Of course you would!

That’s why mlms are scary.

It’s ironic.

People spend hours watching the news and “get off” on watching all the negative news that is consistently thrown at us or by looking up screwed up You Tube video but when you throw a bit of optimistic dancing, singing, tanned people at them, they run scared.

If enough people say mlm is scam, then eventually enough believe it.

I’m ok with it.

That means the majority of you out there in a mlm will quit and that leaves me with more opportunity. …because I refuse to quit.

If you look for a mlm scam…you will find it and all the people that are disheartened by mlm scams.

Why don’t you ever look for the people that are making a ton of money with mlm?  Why are you not talking to them instead?

The sad truth is that people, in general, feed off the negative stuff and they look for negative stuff.

We live in a negative and fear driven society.

Fear works.

If you want people to do something, scare the shit out of them until they do.

I promise you it will work.

Just watch the news.

Take note of where people are taking the most action.

It will be where people got scared by something.

90% of the people who join mlms make a very small amount of money.


Many people are introduced “by accident” to the business and they get fed a lot of information and are told this is the “golden key” to success.

They are convinced to join the mlm because they would be dumb not to right?

I mean…who doesn’t want to earn extra income?

So they give it atry and they start out this new little business that they weren’t looking into in the first place.

They decide they will work on it in their “free time” and they do just that…but they don’t really have a lot of free time and they’d rather go to a sports game or to bed than work on their new business.

They get a few mlm leads and then they may even get rejected a couple times and then that’s it.

They call it a scam and they fail.

They give up WAY too easily.

Don’t believe me?

Ask them.

Find them and ask them how long they were in the mlms that they tried and what they did each day to make it happen.

I bet you that you get an answer something like this: “Oh, well I worked on my mlm in my free time. I just tried it out, it didn’t really work”

Mother was right, it’s just a money making scam.  Stop now before you lose even more money in a mlm and get a real job. Right?

Was it IT that didn’t really work or was it them?

Good question huh?

If they didn’t invest that much, they aren’t going to stick around very long to see it make more.

If they had invested $15,000.00 in the business….I bet you they hang on longer and endure the “pain” of time and work their assess off to build that new business.

I bet you they take the rejections and keep moving….out of necessity.

It’s a LOT harder to say goodbye to $99 start up kits and $500 Fast Track Bonus Packs than it is to let $3000 or $15,000 just slip away into nothingness.

People who invest in their businesses and who place a real value on their money that is invested into it will work harder than those who just throw a penny in the bucket to get things started.

You need passion.  You need drive.

Money is a motivator but only if you have it at stake.

The ones who just do it on the “free time” with little investment were already making a living just fine.  It’s their back fall, their net and it’s where they will always stay if they want to be comfortable forever working for someone else.

They  already know how to work for someone else. and working for themselves is scary and new.

So, how do you prove that mlms work if 90% of the people who  join fail with mlm?

It’s the other 10% that prove it works.

The other 10% that refuse to give up. The ones with relentless pursuit.

They are tenacious and time is not an issue.

They refuse to let go of their dream and they think rich and they grow rich.

Growing rich isn’t an overnight process.

Just like growing in real life…..growing pains occur and they aren’t always pleasant but they are necessary and they help you become even more successful in the long run.

The decision to succeed is essential in becoming a mlm success story.

Think about all those people out there that “try” to lose weight or “try” to quit.

I’m sorry…but there is “trying” and then there is “doing”.

You either do or you don’t right?

Giving up isn’t trying.

The best athletes in the world don’t “try” to get better, they do. Period.

People fail because they give up on themselves and it’s so much easier to run back to the comfort of familiarity.

I’ve worked with dozens of people who were scared to death when changes happened in the business world.

Most of them continue to wallow in misery in the company and few decide to take advantage of the change and excel with leaps and bound forward and up the company ladder.

When things change, the leaders come out of the woodworks and make success happen.

They don’t sit around asking others how they did it and how long it took.  They set a target, take aim and freakin drive forward full force to reach that target.

Think about it, just because most people are not successful losing weight….does that mean that you can’t lose weight at all?

You know the answer.

Mlms are just like life. You get out of it, what you put into it.

If you want to build a successful mlm downline, then you have to work to find the other people who also have the same dream and the same drive.

You have to weed out the quitters and the losers in order to make your team.

It’s just like a wining sports team.  You keep the best players up front and you bench the underachievers.

Patience is key.

50% of marriage end in divorce but that that mean you should not get married at all?

If you decide not to get married, you defeat yourself before you even start.

Becoming a mlm leader and making extra money with mlm takes time and there is a learning curve in mlm, just like any other quality profession out there.

People who become successful lawyers, doctors and athletes don’t do so overnight.  They all took time to learn and then master their skill.

Most people who join a mlm because they think it is the easy way out, the dream job of doing nothing and money just pops out of your butt.

If you don’t commit to learning and going through a couple of failures to do so, then you will not learn, grow or succeed.

If you don’t commit or even have a vision, then you will not succeed in mlm or any other vision for that matter.

Are mlms sustainable?

Yes. The premise that says you will run out of people is just crazy.

A legit mlm business sells quality services and products and focuses on customers and their satisfaction and not on obtaining reps.

Recruiting reps is a great way to build and grow fast in regards to the sales for the product or services. Recruiting reps definitely helps with the income stream because of the volume that you are able to get out there in regards to the product, but should never be the main focus of the mlm.

Real Businesses focus on product sales and good mlms are real businesses.

Think about it. How many times have you seen a mlm product just totally saturate the market?   Never.  I have never seen it.

The oversaturation argument and mlms is based on the fact that you take everyone in the world and make them reps…..but even then…those reps are still selling product and people are still buying!

And unless people stop having babies, you are not going to run out of people to recruit or sell to. period.

The Mlm model is amazing and offers so many more opportunities and optimistic encouragement to the top mlm earners than the corporate business structures would ever do for their top performing salesmen.

Mlm lets you be your own manager right out of the gate. You are the top of your own company and your income is a direct reflection of your efforts to build your company.

I remember working at Sears and working my ass off only to be told that the girl who always came in late or called off would get Christmas Eve off. ‘they wanted me to work, after all I was their best sales person….but I wanted to be home with my family.

I had no incentive to work.  I got paid 25 cents more per hour but that wasn’t worth my time.   That’s corporate for you.

When you give 100% and a minimum of 50% over what others give because you take pride in your work ethic and you believe that it will pay off, it blows your mind only to find out tha the corporate world will continue to demand more for less…and your time is bought for nothing IF YOU LET IT.   Are those corporate trophies really worth your value?

What is the point of being called the nation’s best in all the company if the pay isn’t reflective of your efforts or your status?

Then…take into account politics, bias, and favoritism and you lose even more momentum in your efforts to reach the top of the company ladder.

You get to build your own hierarchy from day one in a mlm, and unlike in the corporate world, when you help your peers and your downline perform better, you don’t lose any positioning or edge in the competition.

In the mlm model you actually get rewarded when one of your members gets promoted.

If you read all of this and you are still yelling: “mlm Scam!” then please do not join a mlm and leave that space open for someone who believes in the system and is willing to actually make it work

You can stick to your day job and work for someone else and always wonder what could have been.

When Donald Trump and Kiyosaki trust and use the mlm model then it might be time to rethink your position on the mlm scammer alert.

Mlm can offer you more time with your family and more financial freedom than you can possibly imagine, but only if you are willing to take the time to learn and put the efforts in that are required to do so.

If you don’t give up before things start to take off, you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

Good luck making the right decision for you and  your family.