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Are you even remotely interested in network marketing? Perhaps you are already in one of the top network marketing or mlm companies on this planet and you are struggling right now to sell their multi level marketing products.

Have you thought of hiring an internet marketing coach or taking one of those online advertising courses?

If so, Thank goodness that you are here!

No, seriously, I’m not kidding.

I want to tell you about my “job killing course” experience so you can use what I’ve used to FINALLY start to get business opportunity leads and really start to get a hold on your internet network marketing niche in this world.

As a totally new internet network marketing nerd, I know how overwhelming it can be.

I started with a short stint in Empower Network and then I found this Job Killing program.

In the online course on internet network marketing, I was able to learn some crazy mad skills that have helped me bring in several thousands of dollars.

THIS, my friends, is amazing considering I started while working a full time job, parent of two kids, one spouse, three dogs and one cat (and a really annoying mother sometimes…sorry mom it’s been true).

I started my network marketing lead generation career with IPAS2 because I was caught up in all the hype but 2 or 3 weeks in I realized that busting my ass for little reward wasn’t going to cut it, nor was it going to help me support my family with an online business.

I mean, I have HUGE goals! HUGE DREAMS!

I’m not on a mission to rule the world or anything (but if I was, I would take a team of awesome optimistic people…the ones I’ve found in the Job Killing Program….and I’d make a rule that no negative news could ever be run) so don’t think that.

My story is pretty simple.

I was a teacher.

I got assaulted by a student.

I took some time off.

I gulped and gasped for air as I had to walk back into the job that tainted me, harmed me, hurt me, saddened me and I pushed through till the end of the school year.

While doing that, I decided I would never be in a place where I was NOT surrounded by positive supportive people and that the money I was getting paid to take care of other kids and other adult problems (parents who were on crack, heroine, you name it) was just not worth it.’s been ok. For 10 years I’ve made a living out of it, but there is a cap on the earnings and something just changes you when someone assaults you, takes over you personal space and tries to control a place that was once safe.

Naturally, as a healthy individual, I needed to get out of the school that allowed the opportunity to happen. To top things off, the incident was on camera and the super awesome administration (sarcastic tone here) did the right thing which was absolutely nothing close to what should have been done.

In any other world, there would be counseling, suspension, meetings….but no. Not here. Not where the parents have power and threaten and use local politics. Not in that school. No way.

The fact that I personally went and filed a police report about the incident and went “over the admin” was a sore point indeed and just put salt in the wound that I had already recieved.

I would never change what I did because honestly? I did the right thing.

The student was already had a probation officer so the admin’s position was that they didn’t want to be the piece in that child’s life that did the “final take down” …you know…where when they do something bad they have to go to a detention hall? God forbid they lose money from the government for losing a student AND got in the news for having violence in their schools.

It’s just better to brush things under the rug, pretend that nothing “really bad” happened and move on right?

It doesn’t matter the nights of sleep, the hours and hours of tears and confusion, the aftermath of the mess in the teacher’s mind who had been committed to teaching there over 10 years.

It’s much easier to have an angry teacher (well..messed up and really confused about the horrible unjust treatment) than it is to have an angry family (parents, students, community).

It was after the assault that I finally came to terms that, after 10 years, nothing would ever change in that school.

It had been a negative sore spot for years. I was always fighting an uphill battle with parent who were high in the middle of parent teacher conferences and moms who defended their drug dealing sons.

You could tell the parents the absolute truth and have all kinds of evidence and even with the best intentions to help redirect these kids who so desperately needed some sort of direction… do all that and still make no leeway.

No way could you make any progress in a school where the principals state that “smoking pot at 12 is just not that big of deal”, watching your head teacher in the Science Department literally flip the middle finger to students in the hallways and talk about how Carbon is a whore of all elements to the students.

No progress where you could walk into a history teachers classroom who was hiding behind a wall of partitions either taking a nap (while getting paid) or working on his asphalt business.

No progress when you watch kids sleeping on the low bookshelves as the math teacher texts on his phone.

NO FREAKIN wonder it doesn’t matter if a teacher gets assaulted.

So…that’s my ran about that. You see?

There is a better life.

It’s called being your own boss and holding yourself accountable to the high personal and ethical standards that you set for yourself.

ONLY surrounding yourself with positive and like minded people and making money in the process.

Are YOU working in a toxic work environment? (more about that in another post)

Do you secretly know you can do more with your life if you would just get yourself out of that horribly poisonous environment and put yourself to the biggest test ever??

Do you want to be successful and work from home?

From multi level marketing companies, affiliate marketing, network marketing and lead generation companies, there are so many opportunities for you to make a living online that it is a bit overwhelming at times.

I as DESPERATE to make extra money in any way that I could (aside from running around naked with a camera following me) and I came across this Job killing Coaching program.

Little did I know when I found it, that is was without a doubt one of the best online training with the best internet marketing coaches on this EArth!

Brad, the 7 figure earner who left Empower Network making thousands and thousands a month, started his own online coaching program that focused on teaching with him and Dan Klein being the internet marketing mentor of everyone’s dreams.

No seriously…..they are ALWAYS there on the secret facebook group helping you find out how to get the best business opportunity leads, teaching you about social media marketing and helping you see why even the top mlm companies would not be as good as the methods of earning money online that they are teaching.

I literally, without knowing it, got myself one of the top mlm earners to train me in the onlien marketing industry. I’ve learned so much about network marketing and I’m dabbling in affiliate marketing that I know I won’t ever have to worry about getting assaulted or working with assholes ever again.

I can leave that job and make a difference in the world with words.

I’m a content guru.

I can help local businesses, local lead generators, mlm lead generator lovers, top advertising agencies, and so much more because of the network marketing or emarketing skills I have and continue to learn by taking the plunge and investing in the best online training you will ever experience.

Within the first couple of months I got myself a solid $500 month extra income and as of late I just keep building and building. Last week alone, I brought in over $3000.00 in less than a total of 4 hours.

It took a work, so don’t go thinking you can just join and BOOM! there’s money in your pocket (some people do get this because they already have some of the skills and background in the top network marketing companies).

I had to take the online lessons in marketing and lead generation, listen to advise on how to use the lessons from my online marketing class and utilize social media marketing (all learned in the Job Killing Coaching Program) and then I had to put that knowledge to work.

It’s enjoyable work and I make extra income from home while watching my kids play or sleep.

Mlms can’t offer this same thing.

I’m not busting on multi level marketing companies at all. If you’re in one though, you best put some of that money into joining this Job Killing Coaching program because you will learn how to utilize your skills to best sell your mlm products.

Even if you are in one of the top mlm companies in the world (like ItWorks or Kitsy Lane) you will find a ridiculous amount of leverage and skills that will help you make more money and get the information you missed or wasn’t offered in your multi level marketing training.

I’ve been in as a Beachbody coach and in Empower Network’s IPAS2 and neither of them taught me in such a fluid and organized way what I know now.

NONE gave me the support I have now.

Job Killing is the real deal. I dont’ know how else to put it.

It’s not a mlm company but you can learn killer mlm tips and really get the internet marketing mentoring that you were probably promised when you joined that direct sales company in the first place.

Trust me.

I know how it is to feel alone and with no mlm rankings helping you sell your multi level marketing products life starts to suck.

Imagine me desperately grasping at the very last straws I had …all to avoid ever going back to teaching and not having solid internet marketing coaches to help me along the way.

It was horrible.

A nail in the coffin.

I could hear all those negative demons and doubters laughing at me and saying “I told you so” and it didn’t matter if I was in the best mlm company that was totally legit or not….none of it mattered because I was not making money in my mlm….and I needed to.

When I found Brad Campbell’s video on how to kill your job and bring in extra income, I was skeptical.

But…remember I was desperate too.

So I put my email in that nifty little mlm funnel and I found myself on the phone with Hal Fischer.

Sales extraordinaire.

He is a superior salesman, along with Dan Klein (one of the creators of Job Killing), and I’m so proud to say I work alongside them now, living the life of my dreams making extra money online to support my family.

I’ve met their wives, hung out in a cabana, went swimming in Vegas and had dinner with these hugely successful online mentors.

They are top notch and a million times better than any internet network marketing or multi level marketing company you can find.

If you are thinking of joining a mlm. I’m not going to stop you. But I will tell you this…

Joining an mlm without the best internet marketing coaches on Earth will make you the biggest idiot on EARTH when you watch your peers who also joined one of those top mlm companies (you won’t really want to..but you can) and surpasses you in sales by THOUSANDS (not hundreds) of dollars every week, month or year.

Job Killing Coaching, the best network marketing lessons and coaching around today, is no joke.

You know what’s even better?

YOU are screened.

Job Killing only lets in the best and weeds out the rest.

So if you do join, come prepared to work with top mlm earners, the most amazing mlm lead generators, and people with some of the best network marketing secrets whom all have obtained top network marketing success with this amazing internet marketing mentor ship.

I can’t force you to join.

I can’t beg you to join.

Honestly…I like the group staying tiny and intimate.

But I can promise you, you will regret not joining because this is an internet marketing coaching program that will help you for life.

Join the preacher how makes thousands in a week, the 27 year old who doesn’t have to worry about college money, the 19 year old who bought her first car from making money online, the guy who made 6 grand in a week and so many more…including me!

You have one life. One opportunity.

This is your chance.

Enter your email now and come on in to the good life. I’ll buy you a drink in Vegas after you make that first grand!