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If you have reached this page on this simple blog, then I’m willing to be that you are likely struggling to make your website rank on Google, Yahoo or Bing or where ever else you want to be seen OR you are someone who is looking for an SEO expert to help your business website.

Whether your business site is made to generate business opportunity leads, part of a direct selling association or just a website as part of your brick and mortar business (like plumbing, wedding photography…etc), it is likely you found this page because you are looking for a way to get your website seen.

It’s a funny thing that you found this simple blog and not a huge explosive website huh?

Let me tell you that it is not an accident….and you need to perk up your ears because I’m going to be educating you on some ways to help your website AND how you can make the decision (the smart decision) of putting your money towards an SEO expert who actually knows what they are doing and creates value for your website, NOT just a one pager that ranks #1 (we’ll talk about why that’s a problem momentarily).

If you are in deed reading this, it means you are one of the smart business owners that knows the importance of the internet and understands the huge impact that internet marketing can have on your business success.

You clearly see where my Seo guide site is ranked and you want to know more.

HOORAY!  You win the smartie pants award!

If you are someone who has recently joined a mlm company you likely are looking for ways to generate more mlm leads or at least MORE relevant leads to help boost you to the next level in your mlm opportunity, you can also use this information to help you make gains in the internet network marketing world.

If your new to the word mlm then I’m pretty sure you have no idea what mlms are. (I will make a post about what are mlms and talk about network marketing an stuff so hang in there!)

Alright:  So let’s talk shop!

The very first thing you will want to do as a brick and mortar business and some (not all) mlms is to create a web presence as quickly as you can on Google.

Why Google?

Google tends to be the “head honcho” of the internet world.  I tend to think it is better to also think of it more like Google is the top leader for now, because you don’t ever want to put all of your mlm lead eggs or your business “eggs” in one basket.

As of late, I have actually noticed that Yahoo has changed how they rank websites and it’s not following Google as far as I can tell so there is always a challenge in the internet world to get all your sites ranking everywhere all over the place.

Ranking everywhere is a good thing but it does not just take a click of a button (so SEO experts…the good ones are WELL worth their money….I’d say worth way more than the website design guy in today’s world…sorry web designers…I love your work but I see where you rank on google)

Ok..back to step 1.

Get your name on Google overnight….or within minutes.  Is this possible?


I have no idea why business owners don’t get this but it is perhaps the most simple of methods of getting your name out there in your local internet market (which is where you should start…..start small and expand like crazy)

How do you get yourself on Google?

Google Plus or Google +

You’ll see it if you have a Google account in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Click that little button and get yourself signed up and then create a Google Plus Page.  Write a stupid happy super long awesome paragraph or two or three or four about what you do, who you do it for and all of the above, to the side and below and then add photos like mad.

If you don’t have time, I’ll do it for you for $500.

Why is the price so high?

Because you should get off your lazy butt and do it.

Even if you don’t have time to do the photos and whatever else…at the very LEAST get your business a Gplus page.

Then you can thank me later when you see your cute little page pop up on google.

They will send you a verification code via phone or postcard (it just depends on the address and if they “trust” you) and then when you get the code INPUT it into the verification spot on your webpage (red bar at the top usually).

This will give you some authority and you will now be on the front page of google for at least one keyword.

What’s next?

Step 2!

You want to do the same thing for Yahoo Local, Bing and Foursquare….and any chamber of commerce or anything like that.  Get your name, address and phone number out there.

These are called Citations or NAPs. (Name, Address, Phone number)

If you are shy about people finding out where you then you need to rent and office space or something like that.

Google does not let you have a business from a business mailbox at the UPS store so don’t do that BUT can always ask friends and weird stuff like that if your afraid of the success you will get from using your own home address.

Whatever you do, DO NOT mix the address up between any of your sources.  You need to pick one address and stick to it.

Don’t mess around or you will live a horrible nightmare of phone calls late at night with Google after being on hold for 5 hours and finally three months later, you show up.

Don’t be a dummy.

Be consistent and it will pay.

Step 3. And the final tip for today?

Get yourself some online training on how to use Keywords and Google Adwords.

It’s one of the most lucrative and simple things you could do for your business.

If you are not willing to put in the time to do it…then you need to find someone who already does know how to do it.

If you do hire someone, don’t be a dick and try to micro manage….because you HAVE NO CLUE how to do SEO and they do (assuming you picked a good SEO expert).

I worked for a couple who complained about two typos and a keyword more than I cared for…..despite that they went from not being on Google At all…to ranking in over SIX major targeted cities in less than two months.  Do you have any idea how awesome that is?

It’s freakin great.

When they decided to “halt” our contract because they felt it “wasn’t working” they left thousands of dollars on my lap because now I actually still have all the research and all the data to rank a site for a new client in their niche….and I can do it faster now.

So..if you hire an SEO expert…..let them do their work and trust the process.   You didn’t go to college and dick around telling people how your degree wasn’t doing anything for you while you were getting it did you?


Didn’t think so.

SEO is the same way.  It takes time.  We learn as we go and we play a little game of internet Chess and if you get one of the experts we smash the living crap out of your competition on the search engine pages and you get richer.


So where do you learn SEO and internet marketing skills?   You can Google things like multi level marketing training if you are in a mlm, you can google mlm coach or mlm training.  Things like online internet marketing coach or network marketing courses should all get you there.

Word of caution….Don’t pick someone who isn’t ranking on the first page….why would you do that?

If you want to be a winner….get yourself and internet marketing coach who is actually winning and I’m not talking Charlie Sheen “Winning!”  I’m talking the real deal

If you don’t’ have time for all that crap….then check out my friend Brad. He’s a 7 figure earner and he kicks ass at this kind of stuff and quite frankly is the best damn coach for making money I have ever had in my life: