Working with a Promise for Tomorrow

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When you work SEO on client sites and your own, you are working on a promise for tomorrow.

You build and build and branch out into all areas for your niche and bank on the fact that if you are relevant and big enough, you will win the SEO game.

It’s a tough world.

Sometimes the appearance of the “lack of progress” is nothing but a momentary slump in your climb to the top of search engines.

As a person who works with other’s websites to help them be optimized to a T, I absolutely love the challenge because the SEO world is about continually improving yourself and continually staying on top of your game.

Just like athletics, you are forced to stay in practice and to continue to train for the “win” in order to be a successful and reliable SEO optimizer.

I love SEO but I believe that it is definitely needed with more than just blog pointing and social media comments.

Some people out there sell SEO and don’t deliver which causes business owners weary of hiring or trusting the sequence of events necessary to let SEO work to benefit them.

I’ve personally had clients who were upset with the “bragging” I had written in their site as part of the SEO for their site but were ranking in over 6 pretty large cities and areas for many keywords.

Rather than trust my knowledge and accept the content I had written which was ranking them in the top three of some major cities, they deleted all the content I had worked hard to create to rank them in great spots and put their website back to what it was before I found them.

It wasn’t that I didn’t do my job, it was that they didn’t trust the process and they didn’t like the way it looked.

Some business owners are not patient enough to be able to see the benefit of completely dominating the internet….and if they don’t see it, I have learned, you do not want to sell or work with them.

Trust with your business owners is essential and in order to get that, they must value and envision where you are taking them understanding the immense value of what you provide and faith that you are the one to get them to a really good spot.

That’s a tough spot to be in.

I don’t aim to must pop people up on a search engine.  I want them to be everywhere, all at once  and absolutely all over the place.  (Almost annoyingly so…..but I don’t believe there is any such thing as annoyingly showing up everywhere if you are a website)