Secrets Within.

So…some people know this and some don’t.  Here it is.

YouTube.  Videos.

It’s amazing how easy it is to “rank” YouTube.  Now I say “rank” because there really isn’t much to it.

If you just be yourself and unique, you’ll find that your video will make it.  Be genuine and people will watch.  There are a gazillion people out there.  It’s nearly impossible not to get one or two views right after posing a video.

It’s kind of like Mitosis.  Remember that from grade school?

You know…one cell duplicates and turns into two?  Kind of alien…but it’s happening right now in your body.

So…it goes like this:

1. You make a video

2. You post the video

3. Someone Watches the video

4. Someone who watches them, watches what they watched

5. Someone who watches the watcher, watches what the watcher just watched.

6. Before you know it…you tube views go up and you are sitting there thinking….huh?  Who knew people would watch that.  Never underestimate the power of vision.

Humans thrive for a visual experience.  Think about it.  TV relies on it.  To a certain (and very real extent), Men and women rely on it.

The harsh realty is that we judge by covers.  We look for hot. We look for attraction.  That’s why sex sells so well.

No I’m not saying you have to go out and put your skivvies on and show someone your SEO skills to make a living (although it honestly might not hurt…think of all the millionaires that have money to spend…).  But I am saying you should consider ways to get a visual presence on the web.

Think about it.  What are some of the new trends out there?   Animations that bounce around.  Patterns.  All of these things are visual.

Movement is programmed in our body as a way to get attention.  We pay attention to it.  WE run from it if it’s dangerous or we “float” towards it if it drives a curiosity within us.

We are, after all, animals.  Just like anything else, we migrate towards that which attracts us.

So…my advice for today?  YouTube. Video. Animation if you have to.

Stand out.

Don’t copy.

Be yourself.

The universe will thank you.

(Plus…if there are aliens out there…the might have fun watching you)


Forgive the quick post!  I’ll fix it soon but it still has some value if you can muddle through the craziness!



Keyword Advertising Campaigns Index

1.Google Adwords (definition and introduction)

2.Annunci text

3.Diverse types of Adwords Campaigns

4.What offers an Adwords Campaign?

5.Glossario reference pay per click Google Adwords Google advertising campaign based on the use of targeted advertising messages and built around certain keywords.

Google Adwords is a Campaign Keyword Advertising, the advertising tool most used by those who wish to sell products or services through a website. Google Adwords campaigns using different types of advertisement: • Text Ads • Image Ads • Animated Ads • Video Ads • Ads for local businesses • Mobile ads Text Ads A text ad on Google can occupy a maximum of four lines: a title (max 25 characters), two for the text (70 characters max) and one for the display URL (maximum 35 characters). Display URL and destination URL: the first indicates the URL that appears in the last line of the ad; the second indicates the URL is the address of the page of the landing. It is essential that the display URL reflect a “clean and simple” the destination URL. Ad Content: to be effective content must be true and short. Using a limited number of words must indicate the distinctive features of their company. Editorial Guidelines and Content Policy: You should read carefully the editorial guidelines and content provided by Google Adwords. Failure to comply with any of these rules may affect the presence of your ad on the Google Network. Different types of follow Adwords Campaigns

Getting People to Work for You

The interesting thing about online marketing is that there seems to be a plethora of others who are willing to help you.

From the newbie who knows nothing to the expert who has been doing it for years, you can literally meet anyone and everyone on the internet.   It’s a whole other world out there!

Some words of advice when learning online marketing:

1. Go ahead and trust people.  A lot of marketing is about networking and online is one of the best places to do it.  I have found some pretty awesome people out there.  The ones who aren’t awesome eventually drop to the wayside.

2. Be cautious.  You will find that, although there are people who will try to take advantage of you, they still might have something to show you, teach you or give you an idea that helps you launch your business further.

For example, this website attracts people.   Now I could get a big head and think that it is because I am totally awesome and people really want to know what I say OR I could be cautious.  Being cautious isn’t about being paranoid, it’s about being observant.

So how do people take advantage of you online?  (you ask)

They try to use your connections and links. One of the easiest ways for people to do this is to do what some of you likely reading this will attempt to do.  People try to post blog comments about how awesome you are or how entertaining the post was.  When you are writing a post about making tuna casserole that your mother made you when you were 12 and you KNOW that there is no way anyone would think it’s funny.  … know something’s up.

Some marketers are relentless.

Hey!  I like to eat cardboard. (you)

Oh my gosh!  I was just eating cardboard and I came across your post.  It is the most awesome post since ….uhm….sliced bread!  Speaking of sliced bread, check out my sliced bread website!    (them)

It’s very interesting too because some people have ways of hiding their “spam” within their words.

My advice? Turn off the comments OR moderate them at the very least.

You will thank me for it and have some very interesting stories to write about….kind of like this blog post if you are spanktastic like that.

3.  Encouragement.  I think my favorite type of marketer is the newbie or the successful veteran.  I can’t decide because both are so valuable in my eyes.

The newbie has endless amounts of energy and wants to eat whatever words you are puking out of your mouth.  Often times, they might even work for free.  They do anything for you so you will be their buddy.

I don’t mind being people’s buddy so I really like newbies.  I was and am one of those ecstatic type.  So naturally, loving me,  I like those who are similar.

The successful veteran.  This guy or gal is also very beneficial in my world.

They seldom show up but then they do, it’s something like: “Hey, I just wanted to share my success with you, I made 5 million yesterday. Don’t give up.”

Who wouldn’t be motivated by that?  A psycho.

So there you have it.  A little peek inside the marketing world and a quirky perspective on a blog that I know some people will just absolutely love the heck out of and then mention something about their awesome website.

Thank goodness for comment moderation!  :)


A little break in Action. What’s SEO worth to you?

So if you are reading this site, you are likely looking for answers on how to become the best darned tap dancin’, hip snappin’ online marketor on Earth. If you’re not, then your passion is probably not online marketing and I would suggest finding something else that floats your boat.
Although online marketing can be lucrative, it’s not right for everyone.
My journey with SEO and optimization began a little over a month ago.

I know. I Know. It seems unreal that I would even have the balls to step up and start claiming that I know stuff….but I do.

It turns out that I’ve known a lot of this stuff. Not only that, I’m pretty darn good at it. I’m not too hesitant to say I’m pretty stinkin’ ooozy all over, blowin’ it up and drivin’ it down……that’s the kind of good I am at it.

I had no idea. I knew a few things about myself in the past (Thank goodness…you I’m a wowman and I like traditional chai tea) but I never was tuned into it like I am now.

How did I get here?

I came across an ad one day while I was searching for opportunities to work at home. I’ll tell you about why I was looking for a new job on another post. Anyways, I came across these two guys that intrigued me. Mind you, I have come across a lot of sites and a lot of guys (and gals). But there was something different about these fellas. They presented themselves like an online mobster.

Hmmm..come to think about it…maybe they are! Oh my…I should quit right now! NOPE! Not a chance!

Back to my story:

They were offering one of those “sounds too good to be true” offers. So I did some research and I found nothing but good. Good stuff all over. They were pretty new on the marketing scence in regards to this new business but they have been around all over for a while….under the radar but helping you and I make decisions about purchases on the WWW.

I saw the oppotunity and I jumped. Now, you have to know something. I have two childrena and a spouse that rely on me for income. At the time, I was on medical leave and I didn’t have income coming in. Just the day before I was thinking about how we might have to start buying cans of cheap tuna to feed ourselves. Something in me was SCREAMING…..DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT. I couldn’t ignore it. I knew I had found something and I was going to try it. What did I have to lose? I had nothing to begin with!
So I charged my credit card (I’m somone who has immaculate credit by the way and usually do not make purchases like this) and my life has forever been changed.

I have discovered my passion and my purpose in life. I have found more time and more joy. I started enjoying the WORLD again. I realized that a lot of things that I had been thinking of doing and even just dared to dream doing were absolutely 100% possible without a doubt.

The world is my oyster.

What the heck does that mean anyways? Who freakin’ wants a world that’s an oyster? Oysers are mollusks and although related to the very intelligent squid, I have to say…they are just disgusting to me. The only thing I like is the left over carcass of an oyster called the shell. I don’t even like all of the shell though. I like the irridscent inside of the shell and that’s it. But you know what about that inner shell? It is absolutely beautiful. It’s used to inlay all sorts of fantastic things that make the world a prettier place. It’s beautiful. lovely. mezmerizing. dreamy and all the above. So who cares what it looks like outside. It’s the inside that counts.

The same goes for humans. (You know I had to go there.)

So, back to my point: My journey with SEO began with these fantastic people that I have found. When I joined the “troop” there were only about 400 people. And of those 400, I’d say a handful were active. Those were the ones I paid attention to. Spent my time on. Delighted in conversing with. They are active and wonderful people. Through this program, I was able to see their insides. You don’t see the outer shell online. Words are EVERYTHING online and if you don’t have the right ones, people will see right through them.

I believe it takes a very very special and unique person to do what I have learned to do (or I should say to learn what I always knew how to do and now learning to harness the power within) and to do it sucessfully.

Since I have joined these fantastic people, I have made my life better and I know that my financial future is secure. I know I won’t ever have to worry about money again and I can’t even begin to comment on how awesome that kind of relief is. When I started, I was skeptical but I took the plunge. I dove in. I took ACTION. I got involved.  In the middle of all that, I got in a wreck and got more desperate to change my ways.

The coolest thing so far? I’m writing this blog just after I made $100.00 in exactly 24minutes. It was my first big sale. My first HUGE success. Do the math…wait…I haven’t even done the math yet! Let’s do it together to see how this is going to pan out.

First, let me get the actual time of this transaction so we can be absolutely accurate:
1. 100/24 = $4.16 p. minute
2. $4.16 per minute * 60 minutes in an hour * 8 hour work day

3. It comes out to making: $1996.00 a day, which can easily be over $13,000.00 in one week!

Tell me that doesn’t get you going! I have found the golden ticket and I have to tell you…it is way better than I could have ever imagined. I see so many opportunities now and it is amazing!

As a matter of a fact, one of the opportunities that I am working on right now is working with a modular home builder.   It’s my first big client so I’m super excited to be able to see how my newfound skills will affect their business.  There is nothing better than helping a business owner succeed in their own little niche!

If you are interested in learning more about my experience and maybe even joining the courses that I have joined, drop me a line and we can “chat”.

Internal Links within your site. What’s up with that?

Links within a post or document itself can have some “power”. If you make your site user friendly, it is noticed and it’s nice!

For this reason it is advisable to carefully examine the structure, layout, in short, the degree of overall functionality of the site to be optimized.

It is useful, for example, use different colors for links of different nature: in this way, you can indicate with simplicity and clarity to ‘user links which lead to the other pages of the site.

This is not to say that our site will contain a disproportionate number of colors. The colors that you choose to use must always respect the layout of the site.

We must understand that positioning techniques are applied to individual pages of the website. The site, at times, is a set of documents connected by internal links. The quality of links and their usability by user ‘s are extremely important for a good site ranking on search engines.

As you can see in this document, I have placed an internal link.  When you click on it, you are directed to a relevant article.

Rest assured that people who are building quality sites and looking at ranking are doing this intentionally and with purpose.

Now for some reason, I wasn’t able to find the color option for my blog.  But that’s ok.  Do you see how I built the internal link?  I just underlined, bolded and italicized it.

It draws your ATTENTION and if you hover over the words, you will find that you can click on it and it will take you to a relevant page on this site that has to do with “building quality sites”.

I know that is a pretty generic word and it’s probably a keyword but I haven’t researched it because that’s not the purpose of this blog.

The intentions of this blog is just to give you some skills and advice.  I’m not trying to rank it but rather trying to educate you (and myself at times!) on how to help create your own presence.

There is not a lot or research and intentional “optimization” going into this site.  I just want to share what I’m learning with the world.  Eazy Peezy!

Maybe my next blog post will talk about EASY reading and rhyming.

You know…that cool stuff you did in primary school!

My hope is that you find your writing voice and I do too.  Thanks for being a part of the adventure!


The importance of search Engines

the number of users looking for information on the Internet is growing . Search engines are the primary tool that provides Internet users to simplify the search for information on the net .
How does a search engine allows to ‘ user quickly find what you need?

It could be said that the search engine is a large virtual library , all ‘inside of which the information is classified according to certain criteria .
In the virtual library work tirelessly “spiders ,” or software applications at the service of the search engines , which behave exactly as would a curious user who spends most of his time surfing the Internet .

SpiderSoftware that a search engine uses to get around the web . When the spider comes across a new site , stores the contents of the various pages and catalogs the links pointing towards other sites . By following these links spider continues its path heading towards other sites .

In this definition we add one important thing : what the spider sees when he arrives on a site will determine the ‘ inclusion of the site to’ internal search engine . In other words, the task of a spider is to ” index ” the content contained on the Web , creating a hierarchy under which are awarded to the most popular sites

This is a SEO GUIDE Site with intentions to help guide those venturing into the SEO lifestyle.

guide positioning
Help search engine ranking
( Introduction )

The access to the web sites occurs , in most cases , through the search engines . For this reason , acquiring a ' high visibility within the search engines is equivalent to getting a ' high visibility on the Internet .

It is statistically proven that the user making a search by a searcher does not go beyond the third page of results found. Be well positioned means therefore be among the first 30 positions offered by Search Engine , and activities seo serve precisely to achieve this purpose.

Capture the attention of a potential customer must be the main objective pursued by a website that sells products or services .

If your website appears in the top positions of the search engine , through the use of relevant keywords , you will increase your visibility on the Internet and , in all probability , to ' increased visibility will follow an increase of your business .

Your site should aim to be the culmination of research carried out by a user . Only then you will pay proper attention to the site and decide to dwell on its contents .

As a newbie to the internet marketing world, I am trying my SEO knowledge on the following site: